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At Navara Bioscience we understand the importance of taste in the consumer experience. That is why we are just as committed to making each of our solutions unique, as we are committed to our focus on authentically natural products.

Our range of applications includes…

Bakery & Snacks

Navara can help you to create appealing baked goods that offer convenience, authenticity and variety with the natural flavor to satisfy consumers.


Our team of flavor technicians can help you produce delicious and trend-leading confectionery products with natural customer appeal.


Intense, authentic taste drives popularity in the savory category. Our innovative savory flavors solutions can give your products the natural flavor edge they need to become consumer favorites.

Sauces & Condiments

Our team can support you in infusing any sauce or condiment with the flavor experience consumers want to add to their food.

Pet Food

At Navara we understand that consumers also want the best tasting food for their cherished pets. That’s why we have made it a focus to develop great flavor profiles to make pet food taste just right!

Using the building blocks ...

in one or more of our four solutions categories, we work directly with customers to meet their highest taste expectations, overcome any technical challenges and provide full support throughout the development and implementation process.

To meet our customers’ taste demands, the Navara team emphasizes four areas in its product development

  • Market Awareness
  • Market Trends
  • Technology
  • Functionality