Creativity + Collaboration = Success

With our certified flavor chemists and flavor technicians, Navara Bioscience provides excellent service to exceed your natural flavor expectations. 

Navara Bioscience offers comprehensive application expertise – from concept to technology. Sample creation, sensory aspects, feasibility and stability tests and technical support during scale up and manufacturing are all part of the Navara solutions package.

We offer four categories of natural flavor solutions:


Natural Flavor Enhancement

Our NatriFlav natural flavor enhancement building blocks enable us to design the unique natural taste profiles your consumers deserve.


Natural Sweetness Enhancement

With our NatriSweet natural sweetness enhancement components we can serve up just the right natural sweetness your consumers expect



Multifunctional Flavor Solutions

With our MultiFlav tool kit we can meet more than just your flavor challenge and give you more added value than you imagined.


Natural Masking Technology

Our NatriMask technology enables us to support you in reaching meet your highest flavor expectations, even in the face of critical product challenges