Excellence through Innovation

The Navara Bioscience flavor laboratory emphasizes creativity and collaboration as its formula for success. We put our customers’ challenges first and set new standards of innovation through the combination of art and science. 

We are experts at masking and enhancing, specifically in meat, sauces and baking products, with experience in all key food and pet food categories. Our team partners with our customers to achieve flavor compatibility and identify areas that might affect product integrity.

We are also a pioneer in developing natural, multi-functional flavors, that not only deliver outstanding taste, but also solve other critical customer challenges. Through our multifunctional approach, we have built a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations, by infusing our natural flavor solutions with additional value to optimize product quality and improve brand profitability. 

Thinking out of the box has become standard operating procedure, as we meet the demands of today’s ever more sophisticated consumer. But whether your product is innovative or traditional, Navara Bioscience flavor specialists offer the skills and services to ensure that each product